T5 Fluorescent Ballast

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In recent years, under the trend of energy saving and environmental protection, T5 lamps have become preferred choice for fluorescent lamps. Antron knows it and provides various Fluorescent Ballast T5 series to satisfy our customers.

The Advantages of T5 Lamps

  1. Small diameter, the diameter of T5 tube is about 16mm, concentrated lighting
  2. Low energy consumption, long battery life
  3. Low mercury dose filling, only 8% of traditional lamps filling
  4. The application of solid mercury, the material used for T5 lamps is amalgam which exists in a solid state at a constant temperature

Various Starting Methods of Antron’s T5 Fluorescent Ballast Series

Antron T5 series fluorescent ballast has three kinds of different starting method, they are instant start, modified rapid start and program start. Antron provides series of ballasts for T5 lamps, from 8W to 96W, with different starting method and case size. We believe you can find a ballast power supply to match your lighting products.

Why Choosing Antron’s Fluorescent Ballast T5 Series

How to increase the life and efficiency of T5 lamps, mainly depend on ballast (65%) and lamps (35%). Choosing the right ballast to achieve the T5 performance. In addition to three starting methods of Antron’s ballast, we also can provide 1. Abnormal lamps protection 2. Over-voltage protection 3. Low failure rate 4. High power factor 5. Compliance with safety specification. Excellent design and stable output, it can reduce the matching issue to extend the life of lamps.

Knowledge of T5 Lamp

Comparison Table Between T5 Lamps And General Lamps

General Lamp T5 Lamp
Luminous Efficiency60 lm/w100 lm/w
Lifespan6000 hrsmore than 16000hrs

What Is Solid Mercury?

The material used for T5 lamps is amalgam which exists in a solid state at a constant temperature. And it is in a gaseous state only when the lamp is excited by a high voltage. As long as the lamp tube is broken, the mercury alloy will be solid when it comes into contact with normal temperature. So the mercury pollution of T5 lamp is minuscule.

Instant Start

14W – 39W

Modified Rapid Start

8W – 35W

Program Start

14W – 96W

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