UV Ballast

Antron launches our electronic UV ballast for germicidal lamps following the recently market trend.

  • Compatible with most popular UV lamps on the market.
  • Program start design provides low voltage to preheat the cathodes, it can extend the life span of the lamp.
  • Lead wire and terminal block design.

Based on more than 30 years of experience in fluorescent ballast field, we have the outstanding technology and professional team for electronic ballast, so Antron UVC ballast will be the best choice for your ultraviolet light, germicidal lamp, sterilization equipment, and UVC light sterilizer applications. We will ensure the best electrical performance and promise the long lifespan of the ballast.

Which Lamps Is The UV Ballast Compatible With?

We test our UV electronic ballast with several UV lamps which are popular in the market like Philip, Osram, LSE and Sanuvox UV lamps. You could find the full list of all compatible UV lamp models in the specification sheet.

Which Certification Does Antron UV Ballast Have?

Antron germicidal ballast have UL and cUL certification. We value the safety of all our products, so you don’t need to worry about the safety problem. Our professional engineer team keeps focus on improving the products safety. And our experienced QC team controls the product quality.

How To Choose The Appropriate UV Ballast?

The lamp current is very important for the UV lamp, and it will affect the sterilizing effect of the germicidal lamps. So, when you are choosing the appropriate germicidal lamp ballast for your sterilizing product, the lamp current will be the first priority. Antron provides the UV light ballast with the lamp current range from 345mA to 800mA. It will be suitable for most popular germicidal lamps on the market. We believe you can find what you need from Antron.

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