About Antron

Founded in 1986, Antron has established reputation in fluorescent ballasts and continuously dedicated to be the leading expert in LED drivers globally. With more than 30 years of experience in lighting power supply, Antron developed, manufactured and customized LED drivers and fluorescent ballasts that were highly valued by worldwide customers.

Powered By Antron

Our founder, Mr. Bill Tsai, believed that consistent product quality was not only the company’s prime core value, but also quick response customer service as well as the technical capacity towards innovation that has proven the industry recognition and success of Antron.

Antron Ability

As one of the major Taiwan power supply brand, Antron’s headquarter was located in Tainan City, Taiwan, whilst our factory was set in Dongguan, China. In addition, Antron has a team of engineering talents and facilities, including completed product development procedure, QC testing and our own EMC chamber to ensure products meet UL/cUL and CE standard.

Antron Equipment

In the future, Antron will strive to upgrade current product line and focus on convert new ideas to product design that met the industry requirement. Our mission is to assistant our clients with better, practical solutions of LED power supply and encourage win-win values and benefits to light up your business.