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T8 Electronic Ballast

The traditional T8 lamps need to be equipped with a starter and an electromagnetic ballast. After switching to an electronic ballast, the starter is no needed, T8 lamp still the first choice for fluorescent lamps.

CCT Tunable LED Driver

Our CCT tunable white LED driver is perfect for smart lighting fixtures. It simultaneously changes color temperature and brightness. Moreover, one of the best features of the color tunable LED driver is its lowest dimming level, dim to 1%. As a top branding LED driver manufacturer in Taiwan, our mission is to provide smarter and more creative solution to satisfy your need.

UFO Emergency Driver for High Bay Lighting

UFO Emergency driver is suitable for high bay lighting fixture. Antron provides multiple wattage options from 16W to 40W, it can cover the high bay wattage from 20W to 320W.

Constant Current V.S. Constant Voltage LED Driver

Constant Current LED Driver: Antron constant current LED driver varies from 5W to 240W, we have several standard models for you to choose, the list is endless. We provide quick turnaround customized service based on different requirement for your lighting applications. Most of our C.C. drivers are high power factor, flicker free, and have isolated design, 3-in-1 dimming function. Moreover, IP65 waterproof ratings and UL/cUL listed. We provide plenty of LED driver solutions for your various LED lighting applications.
Constant Voltage LED Driver: Antron provides constant voltage LED driver series from 12W to 200W. The output voltage is typically 12V/24V/36V/48V. Most of our C.V. LED drivers are with high PF, flicker free, isolated design, IP65 waterproof rating and certified with UL/cUL recognized. They are with “3-in-1 dimming” function, which is compatible with PWM, 0-10V and resistor dimming methodology. The constant voltage lighting driver series is very popular for LED strip related lighting applications.

Constant Current V.S. Constant Power Emergency Driver

Constant Power Emergency LED Driver: Antron constant power emergency LED driver provide 10W to 20W output power with 15-55V output voltage. The EMB pack maintains the same output wattage level during emergency mode. The benefit of delivering constant power is to keep the same level of lighting illumination. With this said, it will be very simple to calculate the lumen per watt for your lighting applications.
Constant Current Emergency LED Driver: Antron constant current emergency LED driver provides three output voltage options – 15-55V, 80-130V and 80-176V. These options enable you to find the perfect match for your lighting application based on emergency lighting requirement. We highly recommend for lighting to your lighting fixture emergency function such as panel, troffer, vapor, wall pack or linear lighting applications.

Cold Weather Emergency LED Driver

Antron cold pack emergency LED driver operates with flying colors under extreme cold weather at -20℃/-4℉. The cold pack EMB is constant power design. Our circuit design stabilizes and maintains the same output power on different LED array. The cold weather emergency LED driver break through Lithium Ion battery 0℃/32 ℉ working temperature restriction. The cold weather LED EMB driver is UL924 Listed and CEC compliance for field or factory installations. It is the most competitive emergency solution for lighting applications in high-latitude countries and sub-zero locations.

Self-Diagnostic Emergency LED Driver

Antron self-diagnostic emergency LED driver is perfect for smart testing solution. As the name suggests, the EMB driver will automatically operate a 30 seconds short-term test each month, and a 90 minutes duration test every 12 months. Our self-diagnostic EMB series vary from 10W, 14W and 20W. It is compatible with any AC drivers that have maximum 5 amp output current. What’s more, the emergency unit will automatically detect charging status, battery and load condition, it will shows failure code when abnormal situation happen. All types of commercial, industrial and residential facilities are applicable.

Flicker Free LED Driver

Flicker is one of the most invisible health killer in our daily life. Light flicker can cause headaches, eyestrain, general body weakness and a decrease in productivity. Antron provide a full series of Flicker Free LED driver for your lighting applications.

Microwave Sensor LED Driver Dimmable Control

Antron microwave occupancy LED driver is a smart LED driver with occupancy sensor which controls the LED driver turning on/off when motions are detected. The sensitivity and time delay of the sensor is highly flexible. The sensitivity range is from 1 second to 15 minutes, and the time delay range is 0 to 10 meters. The cover range of the sensor is 45°-135°. We offer both constant current and constant voltage versions of microwave occupancy LED driver. This LED smart driver is perfect for warehouses and parking spaces that doesn’t require lighting for 24hrs.

Emergency LED Driver Wiring Guide

Antron offers multiple LED emergency backup driver solutions for emergency lighting technology.
– All-in-One Emergency LED Driver Solution: Complete solution contains AC driver, DC inverter and battery.
– Emergency LED Pack Solution: Compatible with any AC drivers including DC inverter and battery,
– Cold Pack Emergency Solution: The cold pack solution can be operated under -20℃/-4℉.

Waterproof LED Driver IP67 for Outdoor Lighting

Antron provides waterproof LED driver from 40W to 240W. The outdoor LED driver has silicon potting which gives excellent heat dissipation. It is IP67 rated, the waterproof LED power supply could withstand water pressure up to 1 meter of submersion for 30 minutes. It is suitable for any damp and wet location. As a professional LED driver manufacturer, we provide a reliable power solution for various outdoor lighting applications.