Fluorescent Ballast

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Electronic fluorescent ballast is what Antron Electronics takes pride in. With more than 30 years of experience, we have been a leading lighting power supply company.

Antron Electronics has matured technology and experienced QC team to be the strong foundation of your lighting products, and a promising future in the lighting industry.

  • Start-Up Mechanism: Our instant start, modified rapid start, program start and rapid start mechanism prolong the lifespan of your lamps.
  • Work With Variety of Lamp Types: Our ballasts work with T5, T8, T10, T12, 2D, CFL, BIAX-PLL and circular lamp with universal input voltage 120-277V, 347V or 480V.
  • Low Starting Temperature: Some of our ballasts have minimum starting temperature of -22℉/-30℃.
  • Wiring Options: Wire out or Terminal.

Which Certification Does Your Fluorescent Ballast Have?

Antron Electronics provides high-quality fluorescent light ballast with UL/cUL certification, and most of our ballasts have 5 years warranty.

Why Different Start-Up Mechanisms?

Our electronic fluorescent light ballast can be classified into 4 types of mechanisms by how they start up your lamps: Instant Start, Modified Rapid Start, Program Start, and Rapid Start. But why are there so many start up mechanisms? What does it do? With different types of start-up mechanisms, the ballast will have your lamp warmed up and prepared before lighting up. This particular step will extent the lifespan of your lamps considerably.

What Types of Lamp Can Work With Antron Ballasts?

Our fluorescent lamp ballast can be divided into various series based on different lamp types that they correspond with. For example, T5 lamp, T8 lamp, T10 lamp, T12 lamp, 2D lamp, CFL lamp, BIAX-PLL, and circular lamp series. Not only that, we also have step dimming and DC input series. We believe our all-embracing electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps and ballast light fixtures will satisfy your requirements and needs.

T5 Fluorescent Ballast

Instant, Modified Rapid, Program

T8 Fluorescent Ballast

Instant, Modified Rapid, Rapid

T10 T12 Fluorescent Ballast

Instant, Modified Rapid, Rapid

2D Fluorescent Ballast

120V, 277V, 347V

PLC/PLT Fluorescent Ballast

Modified Rapid, Program

PLL Fluorescent Ballast

Instant, Rapid, Program

Circular lamp Fluorescent Ballast

Modified Rapid, Program

Step dimming Fluorescent Ballast

50/100% Brightness Control

DC input Fluorescent Ballast

DC 12V or 24V

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