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As a professional LED Driver manufacturer, Antron Electronics provides various types of LED drivers and fluorescent ballasts to meet different lighting applications.

  • UL/cUL Certified LED Driver: We value safety issues as utmost priority, most of our LED power supply have UL/cUL certification.
  • 3-in-1 Dimming Function: PWM, 0-10V and resistor dimming methodology incorporating in one LED electronic driver.
  • IP65/IP67: High IP level for any lighting locations of your choice.

Safety Comes First – LED Driver Certifications

“Safety first”, Antron Electronics values safety issues as utmost priority.

Most of our LED lighting drivers are UL/cUL certified. And all of our drivers have open/short, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection. Antron LED light driver has excellent performance, long-standing life expectancy, and precise temperature control. Antron LED light power supply is the best safety protections for your lighting products.

Compatibility Is A Must – LED Driver Dimming Functions

Most of our drivers have dimmable function like “3-in-1 dimming”.

3-in-1 dimming driver is compatible with PWM, 0-10V and resistor dimming methodology. We have other dimming option — Triac dimming. Triac dimming LED drivers work with leading edge and trailing edge dimmers. CCT tunable driver is popular as well. It can adjust the color temperature and brightness on your lighting fixture. Our dimmable LED power supply can add a strong feature on your lighting applications.

Flexibility is Normality – LED Lighting Driver Output Options

Given the constant changes and variation in the lighting industry, most of our standard CC and CV dimmable LED drivers can be quickly modified to match your dimmable led lighting fixtures.

Programmable driver, current selectable and resistor-set drivers can adjust the output current/wattage through a dip-switch and a simple resistor. With this advantage, it will easily reduce your stock pressure. Giving you a better control over inventory management.

Variety Is What We Aim For

Having options is what makes us special.

We have waterproof LED drivers for outdoor lighting, UFO drivers for industrial lighting, and drivers with junction box design. And more, microwave occupancy and multiple channel LED drivers. Our strongest expertise will be our ODM team. We offer customized service to satisfy all your requirements. A complete solutions for your LED lighting fixtures.

Constant Current Series

5W to 240W with flicker free, isolated design

Constant Voltage Series

12W to 200W with 12V/24V/36V/48V output

Triac Series

Work with leading edge and trailing edge dimmers

CCT Tunable Series

Adjust CCT and Brightness with two dimmers, APP or DIP switch

NFC Programmable LED Driver

Adjust output current through a programmable wand or a smartphone

Current Selectable LED Driver

Adjust output current via DIP switch

Slim LED Driver

Adjust output current by external variable resistor

Waterproof LED Driver

IP67 waterproof rating

Junction Box LED Driver

With junction box design

Microwave Occupancy LED Driver

With a sensor

Dual Channel LED Driver

2 individual outputs channel design

Multiple Channel LED Driver

3 or 4 individual outputs channel design

UFO High Bay LED Driver

100W-240W output with High Efficiency up to 90%

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