Emergency LED Driver

Antron offers multiple LED emergency backup driver solutions for emergency lighting technology.

  • All-in-One Emergency LED Driver Solution: Complete solution contains AC driver, DC inverter and battery.
  • Emergency LED Pack Solution: Compatible with any AC drivers including DC inverter and battery,
  • Cold Pack Emergency Solution: The cold pack solution can be operated under -20℃/-4℉.

What Technology Do We Have?

Antron provides emergency battery backup led driver from 4W to 28W with universal input voltage, 120-277V and 120-347V to accommodate global market. We offer an easy total emergency power solution for your lighting products. For instance, the All-in-One series provides an overall solution to the user to quickly build the emergency function. The LED Emergency Battery Pack series is a flexible solution. It can be easily compatible with any AC driver. We also develop Cold Pack series to accommodate extreme environment. All models are UL924 Listed and CEC compliance for field or factory installation. Hence, we will be your best partner to build emergency related products.

Finally, Antron emergency series provides high flexibility to reduce your inventory product categories. We highly recommend for all kinds of indoor and outdoor LED lighting products or applications.

How To Install Emergency Battery Pack For LED Lights?

Our emergency power supply can easily install inside, on the top, or remotely from the lighting fixture. We recommend the bare wire version for internal installation, and the flexible conduit version for external installation.

In short, please contact manufacturer or distributor for suitable models.

How Does Emergency LED Driver Work?

During normal operation AC power is applied, to the driver, and the charging indicator light is illuminated, which indicates that the battery is being charged. When power fails, the emergency LED kit will automatically switch to emergency power (internal battery), operating the LED load for a minimum of 90 minutes. When AC power is restored, the emergency driver returns to the charging mode.

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