T8 Fluorescent Ballast

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The traditional T8 lamps need to be equipped with a starter and an electromagnetic ballast. After switching to an electronic ballast, the starter is no needed, T8 lamp still the first choice for fluorescent lamps.

The Advantages of T8 Lamps

  1. The diameter of T8 tube is about 26mm, concentrated lighting
  2. High luminous efficiency – higher proportion of the consumed energy is converted into visible light, and less heat energy and wasted.
  3. Low energy consumption and long lifespan – The lifespan is about 10 to 20 times longer than traditional bulbs.
  4. Low cost – even though the purchase cost of the lamp is higher than the general lamp, the saved energy, electricity cost and longer life are converted into a relatively lower cost

Various Starting Methods of Antron’s T8 Fluorescent Ballast Series

Antron T8 series fluorescent ballast has four kinds of different starting method, they are instant start, modified rapid start, rapid start and program start. Antron provides series of ballasts for T8 lamps, from 8W to 96W, you can choose to connect 1-4 lamps with different starting method and case size, providing a variety of options for ballast. Safe products with UL certification and stable quality, we believe you can find a ballast power supply to match your lighting products.

Why Choosing Antron’s T8 Fluorescent Ballast Series

The fluorescent tube is a flickering light source, and its flickering frequency is related to the frequency of the driving voltage. Although the human eye is not easily aware of it, it can produce a strobe effect, which may be dangerous in some working environments. Antron T8 fluorescent electronic ballast uses high-frequency lighting, the frequency of output driving voltage has been greatly increased, and the flickering frequency of the fluorescent tube has also been increased accordingly. The human eye is no longer affected by this high-frequency flicker.

Knowledge of T8 Lamp

Comparison Table Between T8 Lamps And General Lamps

General Lamp T8 Lamp
Luminous Efficiency60 lm/w80 lm/w
Lifespan6000 hrs6000-8000 hrs

Instant Start

16W – 86W

Modified Rapid Start

15W – 32W

Rapid Start

17W – 44W

Program Start

17W – 96W

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