Special LED Driver Solution

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Antron Electronics provide various special LED driver solution for your indoor lighting application.

Smart Lighting

Based on the trend of intellectualism and convenience, as lead-branding LED driver manufacturer, we dedicate ourselves to solutions combining intelligence, innovation and convenience for the needs of our customers.

Antron developed 3 kinds of smart control LED drivers with different ways of changing color temperature and brightness – DIP switch, TUYA APP via Wi-Fi, and lead wires connecting with 2 dimmers at your choice. Antron CCT tunable white LED driver provide flexible and convenient solution for your smart lighting fixtures. Antron CCT tunable white LED driver allow you to simultaneously adjust color temperature and brightness with lowest dimming level, dim to 1%. Besides input voltage of standard 120-277V to 120-347V and 347V, there are 30W to 60W output power for your selection. All of our CCT tunable LED drivers are equipped with 3-in-1 dimming features (PWM, 1-10V, Resistor).

If you are looking for LED driver solution with adjustable output current via NFC or a smart phone, Antron Programmable LED driver series will be the perfect choice. Programming via NFC has 50mA output current accuracy. There are 3 dimming level choices: dim-to-1%, dim-to-10% or dim-to-off. Antron Programmable LED driver with adjustable output current provides high flexibility which benefits you with less product inventory. NFC Programmable LED driver series have 25W to 149W output power for your selection. It is UL Class P and Class 2 certified with 90℃maximum T-case temperature. It has 5 years warranty which ensures safety for your LED fixture.

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Plant Lighting

In recent year, food shortage raises growing attention which makes plant lighting to be one of the trends in lighting industry. LED plant lighting accelerates plant growth through scientific methods. It resolves the impact and limitation that weather, geography and space have on plant growing. Plant lighting helps reduce the use of chemical substances as well. Many advantages of LED light bring make it the replacement of traditional lighting such as high-pressure sodium lamp. It is eco-friendly, energy-saving, color-adjustable for plant growing by changing wavelength, these advantages provide basic light source for plant photosynthesis. Plant lighting depends on high-efficiency, reliability and needs high-power output and high luminous efficiency. Moreover, the lighting environment has higher humidity and temperature. Besides LED lamp protection, high-efficiency LED driver is the solution to maximize the intensity and distribution of the LED light, which results in accelerating plant growth and stabilizing the quality.

Plant lighting works perfectly with Antron Constant Current/Constant Voltage LED Driver, there are high output power from 98W to 240W with 120-277V, 347V, 120-347V and 347-480V input voltage for your selection. Besides IP65 ingress protection rating, all of our drivers have open/short/over-voltage/over-temperature protection. Moreover, 2kV to 10kV surge protection that all-roundly protect your lighting fixtures and achieve long-last lifespan. For dimming function we have 3-in-1 dimming feature which is PWM, 0-10V and resistor dimming in one driver. Most of our drivers have dimming ability down to 5% and even some reach down to 1%. Anton Constant Current/Constant Voltage LED Driver is UL Listed (UL8750) and cUL Listed (CSA C22.2.) certified. Furthermore, they have high PFC, flicker free and isolated design. Antron LED drivers not only provide protection to your lighting fixture, high-efficiency performance and excellent quality will fulfill your requirement of LED light quality and quantity for plant lighting.

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