Model Numbering System for LED Driver

Model Numbering System

LED Driver
As a professional LED Driver manufacturer, Antron Electronics provides various types of LED drivers to meet different lighting applications.

LED Driver

Model Numbering System for LED Driver

1. Series:

Blank: general constant current or constant voltage type
EM: all-in-one emergency driver
P: Programmable
R: resistor
T: Triac
UFO: high bay

2. Input Voltage:

1: 120V
2: 220V
3: 347V (Canada)
4: 347-480V
7: 277V
A: 120-277V (North America)
B: 277-347V
C: 220-240V (Europe)
J: 100-240V (Japan)
M: 120-347V

3. Output Mode:

C: constant current
V: constant voltage

4. Output Current/Voltage value

5. Number of Output Channel:

S: single output
D: double output
T: triple output
Q: quadruple output

6. Output Power

7. Dimming

D: dimming
Blank: none-dimming

8-1. Customized Output

-D2/3/4: selectable output (2/3/4 section)
CB/CBW/SCB: CCT tunable
-EOS: microwave occupancy
6.4: battery voltage of all-in-one emergency driver

8-2. Optional Features

BM: bottom wiring
L: UL listed
F: auxiliary outlet (12V/100mA)
M: Mini Can
N: Normal PF
-C: terminal connector
-DC: input plug
-DCJ: input plug & output DC jack
-DCJ-2/3/4: input plug & 2/3/4 channel output DC jack
-JB: Junction Box

9. Customization

Wattage, current and any special customized specification

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