Microwave Occupancy LED Driver

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Our microwave occupancy LED driver is a smart LED driver with occupancy sensor which controls the LED driver turning on/off when motions are detected. The sensitivity and time delay of the sensor is highly flexible. The sensitivity range is from 1 second to 15 minutes, and the time delay range is 0 to 10 meters. The cover range of the sensor is 45°-135°.

We offer both constant current and constant voltage versions of microwave occupancy LED driver. This LED smart driver is perfect for warehouses and parking spaces that doesn’t require lighting for 24hrs.

Universal Microwave CC & CV Driver

We have universal input voltage of standard 120-277V. Asia, North America, Pacific Islands, anywhere you are in the world, our adjustable smart LED power supply will always fit in perfectly.

Microwave LED Driver with Protections and More

Most of our microwave occupancy LED drivers have PFC, ficker free and isolated design that protect your lighting fixtures and make the lighting environments more pleasant and comfortable without harm. Moreover, they are suitable for UL dry and damp location with IP65 rating and 5 years warranty.

All of our drivers have open/short/over-voltage/over-temperature protection. Moreover, 2kV to 4kV surge protection that protection your lighting fixtures with long-last lifespan. And secure a safe and comfortable working/living environment for all walks of life. Also, most models can meet UL class 2 and class P power supply for LED lighting applications with higher safety concern.

All of our CC & CV drivers have below 20% THD and over 0.9 power factor that give high efficiency up to 90%. The operation temperature ranges from 0℃ to 50℃, and the maximum T-case temperature is 90℃.

And last but not least, we also have varieties of form factors that give you the case size choices you need. Name any case size, we will ensure your need is taken care of with the best service experience.

Occupancy Sensor LED Power Supply with Dimmable Features

All of our LED drivers are equipped with 3-in-1 dimming features (PWM, 1-10V, Resistance).

60W to 100W

Constant Voltage with Sensor


Programmable with Sensor

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