Step Dimming Fluorescent Ballast

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The dimmable fluorescent ballast can provide a stable output light source according to the lighting required in different environments and at different times. The Step Dimming fluorescent ballast can adjust the light source, saving unnecessary energy waste.

The Advantages of Step Dimming Series

  1. Current protection
  2. Temperature protection
  3. High power factor
  4. Automatic restart
  5. Surge protection

Various  Fluorescent Ballast with Step Dimming Function

Antron’s step dimming electronic ballast provides a program start method, which can be used with T5&T8 lamps. Step dimming means that the brightness can be adjusted to 100% or 50% through a switch. Antron’s step dimming electronic ballast is suitable for 17W-55W T5 and T8 lamps, and the number of lamps is 2. We believe we can provide customers with dimming needs one more choice.

The Function of Antron’s Step Dimming Electronic Ballast

Increasing the current frequency or current waveform can reduce fluorescent lamp flickering situation. High power, low energy consumption, and low heat generation can reduce circuit load and power consumption. The light is stable and provides better visual resolution. Fluorescent lamps with high-quality and stable electronic ballasts can provide an excellent lighting environment.

Why Choosing Antron’s Fluorescent Ballast

A good electronic ballast itself can output a stable voltage of high frequency, slow down the impact of the lamp itself, suppress light decay, reduce the lamp temperature and delay the blackening of the lamp. In contrast, the life of traditional ballast is short, easy to flicker, and noise, that’s why using electronic ballast can effectively reduce the number of discarded fluorescent tubes to achieve environmental protection.

Program Start

17W – 55W

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