DC Input Electronic Ballast

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In addition to the general AC input ballasts, Antron also provide 12/24V DC input electronic ballast. We believe you will have more choices in ballast products.

The Advantages of DC Input Fluorescent Ballast

  1. Current protection
  2. Temperature protection
  3. General power factor
  4. Automatic restart
  5. Surge protection

Why Choosing Antron’s DC Input Fluorescent Ballast

Antron DC input fluorescent lamp electronic ballast provides a rapid start method and can be used with T5&T8 lamps. The main functions of the electronic ballast are: 1. Provide a moderate starting voltage 2. Provide a stable current sufficient for the lamp to continue lighting 3. Good protection circuit design. Antron is a professional manufacturer of electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps. Excellent product design and UL safety certification make you feel at ease in use.

The Function of Antron’s Electronic Ballast

Fluorescent lamp flickering can be improved or eliminated by increasing the current frequency or current waveform. High power, low energy consumption, and low heat generation can reduce circuit load and power consumption. The light is stable and provides better visual resolution. In addition, when the power supply and voltage deviation are large, the constant power of the light source can still be maintained, and the illuminance can be stabilized, which is conducive to energy saving. Fluorescent lamps with high-quality and stable electronic ballasts can provide an excellent lighting environment.

Comparison of electronic ballast and traditional ballast

Traditional Ballast Electronic Ballast
Working Frequency50/60 Hz20k~50k Hz
Luminous Efficiency100%110%
Flicker Phenomenon33%< 3%
Power Consumption100%70%

Rapid Start

14W – 42W

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