BIAX PL-L Fluorescent Ballast

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BIAX PL-L fluorescent lamp is a compact lamp, mostly 2 pins or 4 pins. Can be used in horizontal or straight-up luminaires, such as recessed lamps, downlights and even table lamps. Antron can provides various fluorescent ballast BIAX PL-L series to satisfy our customers.

The Advantages of BIAX PL-L Lamps

  1. Long Life
  2. Power efficiency
  3. Energy saving
  4. Wide range of applications – including stations、convenience store、super market、museum or home places, etc.

Various Starting Methods of Antron’s BIAX PL-L Fluorescent Ballast Series

Antron BIAX PL-L series fluorescent ballast has three kinds of different starting method, they are instant start, rapid start and program start. Antron provides series of ballasts for BIAX PL-L lamps, from 13W to 96W, you also can choose to connect 1 to 4 lamps with different starting method、case size and the number of lamp. We believe you can find a ballast power supply to match your lighting products.

Why Choose Antron’s BIAX PL-L Electronic Ballast

BIAX PL-L fluorescent tubes can be equipped with electronic ballasts or inductive ballasts. Although the inductive ballast is not easy to be damaged due to the traditional steel coil. But it needs to be matched with a starter, the lights flicker easily and the power factor is low. The electronic ballast provided by Antron, in addition to eliminating the need for a starter, can increase the current frequency to eliminate flickering, reduce visual fatigue, and keep the light source stable, which is conducive to energy saving. BIAX PL-L Electronic ballast is your priority choice.

Knowledge of BIAX PL-L Lamp

Comparison Table Between BIAX PL-L Lamps And General Lamps

General Lamp BIAX PL-L Lamp
Luminous Efficiency60 lm/w46-87 lm/w
Lifespan6000 hrs8000-10000 hrs

Instant Start

13W – 40W

Program Start

18W – 96W

Rapid Start

36W – 40W

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