Model Numbering System for Emergency LED Driver

Model Numbering System

As a professional LED Driver manufacturer, Antron Electronics offers multiple LED emergency backup driver solutions for emergency lighting technology.

Emergency LED Driver

1. Series:

SD: self-diagnostic
Blank: general type

2. Input Voltage:

Blank: 120-277V
M: 120-347V
4: 347-480V

3. LED Emergency Driver

4. Single Output

5. Output Power

6. Output Voltage Range

1555: 15-55V
80130: 80-130V
80176: 80-176V

7. Battery Voltage

8. Output Mode & Type

CHX: constant current
CHP: constant power
-FCP/FCPR: front-end constant power
-FCPB: constant power with Type B lamp

9. Optional Features

NB: no black wire
O: no battery wire
L: narrow
ML: micro narrow
-FT: dual flex conduit
-FTC: single flex conduit with fire-resistant test switch wire
-FTR: dual flex conduit with R-mount test switch
EX: external battery
LA: -20℃ ambient

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