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Inrush current refers to the maximum current that flows into the power supply equipment when the power is turned on. The normal current input will resume after the product is turned on, and it will only appear at the moment when the power input is powered on each time. However, we don’t suggest to power on and off continuously. The difference between Inrush Current and Surge Rating is that Inrush Current is calculated by current, while Surge Rating is calculated by voltage. The surge level of Antron’s products is 2kV, which can bring quite good protection to the products.

THD is called the total harmonic distortion rate, which is an indicator of the harmonic distortion of electrical signals. Refers to the sum of components in the power components that do not belong to fundamental wave frequencies such as 50/60 Hz. It is usually presented as a percentage. The larger the harmonic distortion THD value, the more serious the distortion of the input waveform, the lower the efficiency of electric energy use, and the smaller the PF (power factor), which causes the electronic equipment to generate interference signals and heat. Conversely, the smaller the distortion, the less heat and energy consumption.

Power Factor, PF, is crucial basis for measuring AC power usage efficiency of electrical load. Power Factor is a ratio of true power on electrical load and apparent power. Low PF means power wastage is higher which results in low power efficiency. On the contrary, if PF ratio is higher, energy waste is less which means higher power efficiency.

TC Test Point is the measurement standard used to evaluating internal parts for overheating.

MTBF is called Mean Time Between Failures which is the average value of the time when the new product starts to work under the specified working environment until the first failure. Specifically, it refers to the average working time in between two failures. Longer the MTBF means higher the reliability and better ability. The unit of MTBF is hours, only used for repairable products. Due to MTBF is an important reference value to be considered when designing products, engineers or designers will use various methods and standards to evaluate the MTBF value of products.

Lifespan can be called life expectancy, which is a statistic that measures the average length of a single life. And also can be the expected life of a general product. The difference with MTBF is that MTBF is the mean time between failures of a single part of the product, and Lifespan is the expected life of the product. The mean time between failures of a single part of the product is long, however after assembling to be a completed product, the expected life of the product will not be as long as MTBF because of ambient temperature, energy consumption between parts, etc.

All of our drivers are built with a protection system that shuts down the power supply when there is a open circuit, short circuit, over voltage or over temperature. The driver will work again after the issues been fixed and restarted it.

  • Over Voltage Mode:
    In the output current decay mode, it recovers automatically after fault conditions are fixed.
  • Short Circuit Mode:
    In the hiccup mode, it recovers automatically after fault conditions are fixed.
  • Over Temperature Mode:
    Shut down o/p voltage, restart it to recover

PWM - Pulse Width Modulation which can be used in high-power circuit. The output power is adjusted by Duty Cycle to achieve the function of dimming.

1-10V – The output power is adjusted by the Voltage of 1-10V to achieve the function of dimming. When it switches to minimum 1V, the power output is 10%. When it switches to maximum 10V, the power output and brightness is 100%.

Resistor- Connect the resistor and LED driver to adjust the current in dimmer to switch the brightness. It can use DC as well as an AC supply without radio interference.

Lithium battery means that uses nickel (Ni), cobalt (Co), manganese (Mn) or aluminum (Al) as the positive electrode material and graphite as the negative electrode material. LiFePO4 battery means that uses LiFePO4 as a material. This type of LiFePO4 battery is characterized by no precious metal elements (such as cobalt, etc.) included. In actual use, LiFePO4 batteries have the advantages of high temperature resistance, safe and stable, low price and better cycle performance.

Program start – Program start also named Soft Start or Warm Start in Europe. This design is for preheating or warming the filament first when turning on fluorescent. The significant characteristic is not affected by lamp maintenance for reducing the blackening phenomenon of lamp to extend the lifespan of fluorescent. Program start is suitable for places with high switching frequency or difficult maintenance. In other words, the electronic ballast of program start type provides the best guarantee for the protection of lamp.

Rapid start – The feature of rapid start is that a very low voltage(about 3.5V) is kept on the filament from start-up to lamp lighting. Therefore, the power consumption is 1.5W to 2W more than the preheating type or the instant start type. Generally, it is mostly in series so that it is suitable for areas with cold temperatures, and the startup time is about 0.5 seconds.

IP rating consists of IP and two numbers, the two numbers represent solid particle protection and liquid ingress protection respectively. The first number “6” means dust-tight, and the second number “7” means ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) of submersion), then test duration is 30 minutes. It means that our IP67 products can be completely dust-tight and waterproof.

Solid particle protection
The first digit indicates the level of protection that the enclosure provides against access to internal components (such as electronic and mechanical parts) and the ability to defend against the entry of external objects.

Liquid-penetration protection
The second number indicates the ability of the device enclosure to resist liquid penetration.

two white and beige pens on white paper

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