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While applying instant start ballast, life span of lamps will be shorter when wired in parallel. As for program start ballast, when lamps wired in series, the lamps will have longer life span and less likely to turn black.

  • Higher efficiency on conserving energy
    Electronic ballast supplies 20-60khz frequency to fluorescent lamp which increases light transmittance efficiency. With lower power consumption, total input power to the lamp reduces, which brings better energy-efficiency.
  • Longer lamp lifespan
    Higher efficiency, stable lamp current supply , and reliable start-up mechanism, etc. These factors help prolong the lifespan of fluorescent lamp.
  • No flashing when activating
    With preheat feature, ballast starts up lamp at once without starting multiple times, which will prevent lamp lifespan from shortening.
  • No flickering
    Stable illumination, which gives clearer vision and reduces visual fatigue that benefits visual protection.
  • Low noises
    35db and lower noises, which can barely be picked up by physical ear.
  • Stable input power and output luminous flux
    Excellent performance on voltage regulation which stabilizes light source power and illuminance.
  • Smaller in size
    In comparison to traditional ballast, electronic ballast is smaller in size which has less space limitation and provides more flexibility to fixture design.

As the name suggests, when LED load is within 15-55V voltage, constant power emergency driver will have fixed output power, while constant current emergency driver will have fixed output current.

The suitable output wattage of emergency driver only needs one tenth the wattage of your lighting fixture. For example, 20W emergency driver is compatible with up to 200W lighting fixture. It is also compatible with lighting fixture with wattage lower than 200W.

As for the actually output wattage of the emergency driver, our constant current emergency driver has fixed output current, the actually output wattage is correlated with the operating voltage of your lighting fixture. Take EMLEDS28-80176-9.6CHX for instance, its output current is 160mA, it is compatible with any lighting fixtures that operates voltage from 80 to 176V. To calculate the actually output wattage, it is 160mA*operating voltage of the lighting fixture.

Our emergency LED driver series are compatible with any AC LED drivers on the market. To know which emergency driver that works for you does not have direct relation with the output current and output voltage of your AC LED driver. The compatible emergency LED driver is correlated with your lighting fixture. However, do pay attention to the output current of your LED driver. It must not exceed 5amp or it will cause overload and damage the emergency driver.

In order to allow the power supply to work effectively, minimum and maximum voltage load range of each product is required, please choose the suitable products according to different demand. Kindly read the product specification for the information.

Base on more than 30 years of experience in fluorescent ballast market,   Antron has a professional R&D team and outstanding technology. The electronic UV lamp ballast which we developed has high compatibility with most popular UV lamps in the market as well as our program starting design which provides low voltage to preheat the light tubes. It effectively extend the life of the lamp. Lead wire and terminal block design with UL and cUL certification can be chose.

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