What is LED Driver Class 2 ?

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What is Class 2
What is Class 2

LED Driver Class 2 is a type of power supply level typically used to deliver power to LED lighting devices. Class 2 power supplies provide lower voltage and smaller current at the output port, which helps protect users and devices from electric shock and overcurrent issues. It is applicable to devices with a DC output of not more than 60V, AC output of not more than 100V, and power not exceeding 100W, such as LED lighting equipment, cameras, etc. This type of LED driver is designed for use in low-risk applications, such as commercial and residential building lighting installations.

The Class 2 LED Driver is established according to the US UL standard (standard number UL 1310), which determines that power supplies are divided into two levels, Class 1 and Class 2. Class 1 power supplies output higher voltage and current, so they require higher safety and isolation levels. On the other hand, Class 2 power supplies output lower voltage and current, making them easier to control and safer.

In short, the LED Driver Class 2 is a safe, low-voltage, and low-current power supply used to deliver power to LED lighting devices.