UV Ballast Solution

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Antron Electronics provide various electronic UV ballast solution for your lighting application.

UV Lamp

UV lamps are widely used in environmental disinfection lighting. Especially when we are now coexisting with the virus after the pandemic hit, here are the advantages that UV lamp has which make it popular in germicidal lighting: remarkable sterilizing effect, fast sterilization, low cost of maintenance, low pollution, etc. The development of UV lamp is constantly evolving. Using the characteristic of UVC ultraviolet germicidal lamps, its short wavelength and energy-intensive UVC ultraviolet light destroys the DNA and RNA genetic material of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. So that the pathogens cannot produce proteins normally then die or lose their reproductive ability, achieving the effect of sterilization and disinfection. UVC ultraviolet light is known to destroy common pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and molds. The application is rather simple and fast, and it does not leave any toxic substances. It comes with countless advantages.

Because of its many advantages, UV ultraviolet lamps are also expanding in various applications. With the benefits of extremely low harm to the human body, ultraviolet lamps are widely used in life. Such as libraries, swimming pools, operating rooms, factories, etc. It is very common in drinking water and industrial water sterilization, air purification, disinfection for medical treatment and catering industry supplies, and household appliances, etc. It is widely used in different applications. The types of artificial UV lamps are divided into hot cathode low pressure mercury vapor discharge lamps, cathode low pressure mercury vapor discharge lamps, and cold cathode low pressure mercury vapor discharge lamps according to the discharge method. In response to many application requirements, there are straight tube, H-shaped tube, U-shaped tube, and other lamp shape design. There are three types of lamps: low ozone (no ozone), ozone, and high ozone. There are also lamp power and lamp current difference.

UV lamps are made of particular materials and manufactured with special methods. The price of UV lamp is higher than fluorescent lamp. Factors such as the sterilization effect of the lamp and the service life of the lamp have become important considerations when matching the UV lamp with the ballast. Antron launches electronic UV ballast for germicidal lamps following the lighting market trend. It is compatible with most of the popular UV lamps on the market. Program start design provides low voltage to preheat the cathodes, extending the life span of the lamp. As for exterior look, there are lead wire and terminal block design. Antron UV electronic ballast is compatible with most of the common UV lamps currently on the market: Philip, Osram, LSE and Sanuvox UV lamps. You may find full list of compatible UV lamp in specification sheet on Antron official website. Lamp current is the most important part of UV lamp. It affects the sterilizing effect of the germicidal lamps. When choosing appropriate germicidal lamp ballast for your sterilizing product, lamp current should be your priority. Antron provides UV light ballast with lamp current ranges from 345mA to 800mA. Antron germicidal ballast is US UL and Canada cUL certified. Safety has always been our top priority. With professional engineering team improving product safety, and experienced QC team controls product quality stringently, Antron assures the best ballast experience to our customers.

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