Fluorescent Light Introduction

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Fluorescent tube, also referred to as the fluorescent strip or tube lighting, is a low-pressure mercury vapor gas-discharge tube that converts fluorescence into visible light. They come in five basic types identified as T2, T5, T5HO, T8, and T12. The “T” designation stands for “tubular,” and the following number refers to its diameter in 1/8-inch diameter increments. Moreover, there are also screw-in or plug-in forms of fluorescent lamps that fit the sockets on standard light fixtures and in floor and table lamps. This type of fluorescent light is known as CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulb.

Although LED (light-emitting diode) light bulbs are increasingly popular, tube-like fluorescent bulbs (lamps) and fixtures are still favored in some applications, due to their low energy consumption and the quality of the diffused light they emit. Fluorescent tubes vary in terms of shape, power, rating, length, color, and other illuminating characteristics. It’s important to consider the design of your interior space and the lighting purposes while making choice of fluorescent tubing.

T2 Fluorescent Lamp

T2 fluorescent bulbs have tubes that are 2/8, or 1/4 inch (about 7mm) in diameter. It comes in a range of lengths and color temperatures. This is the size that is often used for CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs that are configured to screw into standard 120-volt light fixtures and lamps. Typical wattage for T2 fluorescent bulbs is 8W to 13W. There are also straight T2 tubes that are often used for the table lamps that provide task lighting used for crafting and sewing.
Although small in size they pack a punch, they’re ideal for lighting areas with limited space. They can be used for cabinet or display light both at home and in retail.

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