Fluorescent Light Introduction – CFL, Circular

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In this article, we will introduce CFL and Circular fluorescent light. With our suggestions, you will find the most suitable fluorescent ballast for your CFL and Circular fluorescent light application.

CFL Fluorescent Lamp

CFL Fluorescent Lamp

CFL fluorescent lamps are in the same lamp family as linear fluorescent lamps. Linear fluorescents or standard fluorescent lights are available in tubes (generally 48 to 84 inches in length). They were first invented in the early 1900s, however, the CFL lamps were later introduced around 1960s. CFL is acronym stands for “compact fluorescent light”. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL bulbs) are an advancement on traditional fluorescent technology. CFL lamps were designed to replace standard applications for incandescent bulbs. They are created as a more energy-efficient option for conventional incandescent applications. CFL is a fluorescent light bulb that has been compressed into the size of a standard-issue light bulb, screwed into a medium base socket and utilize a spiral design. Many CFLs also have an integrated ballast, unlike traditional fluorescent tubes. CFL fluorescent lamps are much smaller than standard (linear) fluorescent lights.

Modern CFL fluorescent lamps are renowned as they are energy efficient. The most common reason people use compact fluorescent bulbs is to save energy. They typically last at least six times as long and use at most a quarter of the power of an incandescent lamp. The luminous efficiency of incandescent lamps is about 2-5%, which is about 13-18 lumens per watt (lm/w). In comparison, the luminous efficiency of a CFL fluorescent lamp is about 7-10%, which is about 55-70lm/W or more. Retrofitting from incandescent to compact fluorescent will save about 40 percent energy. They also have variety of color temperatures. If you need a space with cool light, such as a hospital hallway or an airport terminal, fluorescents offer up to 6500K Kelvin temperatures.

Here are two types of CFL lamps: non-integrated ballast CFL and integrated (or self-ballasted) CFL. A non-integrated ballast is a CFL technology that typically called a “plug-in.” This means you will purchase the ballast separately from the lamp and the ballast will be configured in the fixture. This is similar to linear fluorescents but is much smaller than a linear ballast. The integrated ballast CFLs are created to replace incandescent and halogen lamps. Simply taking out the incandescent or halogen bulb and replace with a CFL bulb in the same socket. However, due to the fact that incandescent and halogens does not need a ballast, in order for these CFLs to work in a regular medium base screw socket, a ballast has to be integrated into the CFL.

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Circular Fluorescent Lamp

Circular fluorescent lamp is a ring-shaped fluorescent light bulb that is an energy-saving, slim and simple compact fluorescent light. This compact light was designed as round shape and it is perfectly ideal for shallow, and ceiling recessed lighting and wall mounted light fixtures. Circular fluorescent tube is a uniquely shaped light source that comes in T5 (15mm in diameter), T6 (20mm in diameter) and T9 (29mm in diameter) formats and also uses different wattage ranges from 20W to 55W. With its distinctive shape and slimline design, circular fluorescent lamp is only compatible with circular fluorescent lamp fixtures. These fixtures are commonly found in retail, residential lighting area, office, hotel, and commercial applications.

Circular fluorescent lamps offer high level of energy efficiency. Circular fluorescent bulbs provide outstanding brightness with a convenient and long-lasting lifespan. Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, circular ones emit the same amount of light while consuming much less power. Circular fluorescents can be used for homes or offices that have the goal of using more energy-efficient fluorescent lighting. Circular bulbs only fit certain light fixtures, so be sure to check and ensure you are purchasing the correct type.

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