Emergency LED Driver Solution

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Antron Electronics provide various emergency LED driver solution for your lighting application.

Commercial Offices and Schools

Emergency lighting plays a significant role in safety of our daily life. With battery enclosed in emergency LED driver, when natural disaster or man-induced calamity occur that cause power shutdown, it supplies emergency lighting for 90 mins or longer. This device is created to support emergency lifesaving and emergency rescue or related work. It is one of the most important safety facilities in modern infrastructure and industrial architecture.

1x4ft, 2x2ft and 2x4ft LED panel/troffer light, LED downlight, LED recessed light, LED ceiling light and LED linear light etc., are common LED lighting fixture for commercial offices and schools.Antron constant current emergency LED driver and constant power emergency LED driver provide 4W to 28W output power. They are compatible with universal input voltage 120-277V and 120-347V. As for output voltage, there are nominal voltage 15-55V, high voltage 80-130V and ultra-high voltage 80-176V for your selection, which provide various matching options for your LED fixtures. If you have requirement for housing sizes, we have many housing options as well. With high quality LiFePO4 battery and DC inverter, our emergency LED driver will supply power to your LED lighting device for at least 90mins. Under emergency mode, the emergency driver will supply stable output current or output power. When AC power source is back on, the device will switch to charging mode automatically. Antron LED emergency drivers are UL924 Listed and CEC compliance for field or factory installation. High quality performance protects your LED lighting fixture, and at the same time secures safety of the lighting environment with excellent emergency lighting performance.

If you are in need of both LED driver and LED emergency driver, our All-in-One LED emergency driver series will your best option. This series combine AC LED driver and emergency pack in the same enclosure. When AC power supply is working, the driver will supply 40W to 60W output power to your LED lights. When AC power supply is shut down, the emergency driver transfers 190mA constant current and 10W watts output to your LED lighting fixture, which will supply lighting power for at least 90 minutes. This emergency device helps personnel evacuate more efficiently under emergency circumstances and reduce casualties when unavoidable accidence happens.

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Common lighting for warehouses is 75W LED High-bay or above. The installation site usually has 9 to 13 meters in height or more, which makes installation, replacement and testing an inconvenient task. Installing LED emergency driver must comply with less frequency on installation, adjustment, testing and repair. Antron offers emergency lighting solutions for environments that require less repair. We have front-end emergency LED driver and self-diagnostic emergency LED driver, both are perfect for high installation location like warehouses or factories.

Front-end emergency LED driver offers 10W to 20W adjustable output power. It allows you to adjust suitable output power for our lighting fixture by using a potentiometer (VR). It is compatible with any 0-10V dimmable AC LED driver ranges from 10W to 240W. Another feature of the front-end emergency pack is its remote control function, it allows you to test emergency functions easily by simply using the controller without stress. These features will save you a lot of money and labor spending on hydraulic aerial cage just for testing.

Self-diagnostic emergency LED driver is also another perfect choice for warehouse lighting. There are 10W, 14W and 20W for your selection. This emergency driver is the best solution for smart testing. The emergency unit not only automatically detect charging status, battery and load condition, when abnormal situation happens, it also shows failure code for different indications on test switch that has bi-color LED indicator with green & red light. Moreover, the EMB driver will automatically operate a 30 seconds short-term test each month, and a 90 minutes duration test every 12 months. It saves you from massive time, labor and money on testing.

High quality LiFePO4 battery and DC inverter offer 90 mins emergency power or above to your lighting fixture with 10W to 20W constant power output. Both emergency driver series are UL/cUL listed and meet CEC title 20 approval. With high quality of material and components, it offers you safety without concerns.

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High-latitude Area

With rapid development of world economy and the accelerating urbanization, LED lighting has become an indispensable part of human life. What comes next is the safety of daily lighting, LED emergency power supply has become an important key to LED lighting. In cities of high latitudes, due to the harsh lighting environment such as cold climate and temperature difference, the application of lighting products varies depending on geographical environment.

Antron developed cold pack emergency LED driver for high-latitude countries and low temperature environment LED emergency lighting. It allows your LED light fixtures to perform excellently even under sub-zero -20℃/-4℉ temperature when emergency power shutdown happens. Antron cold pack emergency LED driver is 10W constant output power design. The LED emergency kit contains high quality Lithium Ion battery and DC inverter. Besides outstanding performance under sub-zero environment, it also steadily supplies the same output power with different LED lighting fixture.

The emergency driver is perfect for cryogenic environment like refrigerating chamber, laboratory, indoor or outdoor lighting in high-latitude and frigid zone, etc. Antron cold pack emergency LED driver is UL/cUL listed and meets CEC title 20 approval. It provides power to your LED lighting fixture that will last for at least 90 mins under power outage.

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Factory Power System

Energy plays an important role on economic development. Take electrical energy for example, electricity is the most commonly used energy in modern production. It is suitable for applications in mass production, transmission, distribution, and automatic control, etc. Electricity is closely bound up with our daily life. It is very common in production of agricultural industry and commerce, national protection, scientific and technological development, and even daily life. It has become an indispensable necessity of modern life. However, in an environment where modern life is highly dependent on electrical energy, how to sustain supply power has become one of the most important issues nowadays in the event of force majeure factors such as natural disasters, even man-made or accidental power outages. Generators become the best tool for backup power. It is part of the power system.  Generators are very common in related industries that require a lot of electricity or in daily life. But how does a generator work when the power goes out? By using relay as a switch, it is easy to control the power supply between the mains power supply or the generator.

Antron developed inverter emergency LED driver for power system. Our Inverter LED emergency pack works with universal input voltage from 120V to 277V. It contains high quality DC inverter with no batteries. When power fails, the emergency LED driver will automatically switch to emergency power supply (central power system). The operating time depends on the external power system capacity. The emergency driver will return to normal mode when AC power restores. The DC inverter will supply 20-watt constant power to your LED driver. It works perfect with any AC drivers with maximum 5-amp output current. The emergency inverter has an additional green wire. If you are using a positive 48VDC ground, do not wire the green wire. Our backup LED driver is UL listed & BC certified and meets CEC title 20 approval. It is suitable for damp locations and ambient temperature from -40℃ to 55℃. Providing safety and high-quality emergency driver is our mission!

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Type B LED Lamp

Replacing traditional fluorescent lamp with LED lamp has become mainstream in the lighting market. In comparison to traditional fluorescent lamps, LED lamps have many advantages such as environment-friendly, low pollution, high efficiency, longer lifespan, no noise, and energy saving, the list goes on. LED tubes are mainly used in harsh industrial places, such as workshops, warehouses, parking lots, or outdoor advertising light boxes, etc. Type B LED lamp is one of the alternatives to fluorescent lamps. It is the fastest growing LED lamp in lighting replacement market nowadays. Type B LED lamp has built-in driver circuit. The integrated LED lamp is easy to install which can be directly connected to supply mains. There is no need to add extra LED driving at front. The application is rather simple and convenient which makes it popular in the lighting market.

Antron developed Type B LED Tube Emergency LED Driver specifically for Type B LED lamps. It works with universal input voltage from 120V to 277V. The emergency backup pack provides 5W output power and 170V output voltage. It has built-in 14.4V Lithium-ion battery and DC inverter which automatically switch to emergency mode when power supply goes off. When the emergency unit goes in emergency mode, the battery enclosed in the EMB will start providing power to DC inverter which transfers to constant power output and maintains at 5W under emergency mode. Type B LED tube emergency LED driver provides power to your LED lighting fixture that lasts for at least 90 minutes. Finally, Antron emergency battery backup LED driver is UL listed & CEC certified. It also meets CEC title 20 approval. Providing safety and high-quality emergency driver to our customers is our mission!

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