Constant Power Emergency LED Driver

Antron constant power emergency LED driver provide 10W to 20W output power with 15-55V output voltage. So what makes the emergency driver so special? The EMB pack maintains the same output wattage level during emergency mode. Moreover, the LED emergency battery pack can work with any AC drivers with maximum 5 amp output current. The benefit of delivering constant power is to keep the same level of lighting illumination. With this said, it will be very simple to calculate the lumen per watt for your lighting applications.

Universal CP Emergency LED Driver

Our constant power LED emergency pack works with universal input voltage from standard 120-277V to wider input 120-347V. Anywhere you are in the world, Antron CP LED EMB driver will fit perfectly in various locations without any problems.

Constant Power EMB Pack Features

The LED emergency backup driver contains high quality LiFePO4 battery and DC inverter. Under most emergency situation, the power shuts off. This will automatically trigger the constant power EMB unit switching to emergency mode. During emergency mode, the battery enclosed in the EMB will start providing power to the DC inverter. It transfers to constant power output and maintains at 10W to 20W output power under emergency mode.

Antron emergency LED pack series provide power to your LED lighting fixture that will last for at least 90 mins. Last but not least, Antron emergency battery backup LED driver is UL listed & BC certified. It also meets CEC title 20 approval. Providing safety and high quality emergency driver is our mission!

Every emergency LED kit is attached with a test switch that has an LED indicator. Illuminated LED indicator indicates the battery is charging correctly. To test the EMB pack, press the LED indicator, the driver will switch to emergency mode immediately. This feature enables our customers to perform monthly and annual test in simplicity.

5W to 30W

Standard Version
Constant Current Emergency LED Driver Nominal Voltage

The output voltage is 15-55V.
(NV : Nominal Voltage)

Constant Current Emergency LED Driver High Voltage Series

The output voltage is 30-130V.
(HV : High Voltage)

Constant Current Emergency LED Driver Ultra High Voltage Series

The output voltage is 50-255V.
(UHV : Ultra High Voltage)

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