Self-Diagnostic Emergency LED Driver

Antron self-diagnostic emergency LED driver is perfect for smart testing solution. As the name suggests, the EMB driver will automatically operate a 30 seconds short-term test each month, and a 90 minutes duration test every 12 months. Testing can also be done manually by pressing the test switch. Or simply toggle the emergency circuit breaker. Our self-diagnostic EMB series vary from 10W, 14W and 20W. It is compatible with any AC drivers that have maximum 5 amp output current. All types of commercial facilities are applicable.

Universal Self-Diagnostic Emergency LED Driver

Antron self-diagnostic LED emergency pack works with universal input voltage from standard 120-277V to wider input 120-347V. Depending your need and requirements, anywhere you are in the world, our front-end EMB driver will fit perfectly in various locations.

Self-Diagnostic EMB Features and Advantages

Our self-diagnostic EMB contains high quality LiFePO4 battery and DC inverter. Under most emergency situation, the power shuts off. It automatically triggers the EMB unit switching to emergency mode. During emergency mode, the battery enclosed provides power to the DC inverter. It transfers to constant power output and maintains at 10W to 20W output power under emergency mode. When the power returns, the EMB unit will turn back to charging mode.

Every EMB kit is attached with a test switch that has an bi-color LED indicator with green & red light. To test the EMB pack, press the LED indicator, or toggling the emergency circuit breaker. With green & red LED indicator light, it provides coding which indicates the condition of the EMB. For example, one flash light indicates charging failure. Flashing green indicates battery charging and so on.

Antron emergency LED pack series provide power to your LED lighting fixture. The power lasts for at least 90 mins. Our backup LED driver is UL listed & BC certified. It also meets CEC title 20 approval. It is suitable for use in damp locations and ambient temperature from 0℃ to 55℃. Providing safety and high quality emergency driver is our mission!