Triac Dimmable LED Driver

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Antron provide a reliable dimming solution which could work with TRIAC (forward-phase or leading-edge dimmers) or the ELV (reverse-phase or trailing-edge dimmers).

Our TRIAC dimming LED driver has several models from 10W to 55W with 120V input voltage, low cost and high reliability. We highly recommend the TRIAC dimming LED drivers.

What is the advantage of Triac dimmable LED driver?

The special dimming circuit design make you simply add a dimmer at the AC input side to a save cost from building circuit reconstruction.

How to connect the Triac or ELV dimmer to the LED driver?

Please refer below wire diagram. You can connect the dimmer at the AC input side.

Triac dimmable LED driver

Triac Series Products:

Triac Dimmable led driver
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