TRIAC Dimmable LED Driver

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Antron TRIAC dimmable LED driver provides reliable dimming solution. It works with TRIAC (forward-phase dimmers or leading-edge dimmers) or the ELV (reverse-phase dimmers or trailing-edge dimmers). Our TRIAC dimming driver series from 10W to 55W with 120V input voltage, it is low-cost and highly reliable. You simply add a TRIAC LED dimmer at the AC input side, which will save you cost to avoid having building circuit reconstruction.

TRIAC LED Driver with Reliable Protections and More

Our TRIAC dimming LED drivers have PFC and isolated design that protect your lighting fixtures and make the lighting environments more pleasant and comfortable without harm. Moreover, they are suitable for UL dry and damp location. And last but not least, IP30/65 rating and 3 years warranty.

All of our TRIAC dimmable driver has open/short/over-voltage/over-temperature protection. It protection your lighting fixtures with long-last lifespan. And secure a safe and comfortable working/living environment for all walks of life. Furthermore, most models meet UL class 2 & class P power supply for LED lighting applications with higher safety concern.

All of our TRIAC dimmable LED power supply has below 20% THD and over 0.9 power factor that give high efficiency up to 90%. The operation temperature ranges from 0℃ to 50℃, and the maximum T-case temperature is 75℃.

TRIAC Driver with Optional Form Factors

Our TRIAC driver is fully isolated with plastic casing. It is light and also cost-efficient. If you prefer a different option, our metal casing is up for grab. Both casing provides an isolated and safe environment from harmful factors.

How to Connect the TRIAC or ELV Dimmer to the LED Driver

Please refer to below wiring diagram. The dimmer should be connected on the AC input side.

Triac Dimmable LED Driver


TRIAC or ELV Dimmable

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