2D Fluorescent Ballast

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2D lamp, due to the shape is similar to D, it’s called 2D as the name suggests, some people also call it butterfly lamp. With 2D fluorescent electronic ballast, 2D lamp is suitable for decoration and lighting in various indoor places such as school, factories and supermarkets etc.

The Advantages of 2D Lamps

  1. Light fades small and long life
  2. Strong adaptability in the electric grid environment – Effective start-up in the range of 180-260V output voltage
  3. Strong adaptability in low temperature environment – Good characteristics when starting in low temperature, effective start-up in the -15°C environment
  4. Low failure rate – In industrial lighting operation, the actual statistical failure rate is < 5%

Various Input Voltage of Antron’s 2D Fluorescent Ballast Series

Antron 2D series fluorescent ballast is modified rapid start. Antron provides series of ballasts for 2D lamps, from 16W to 55W with three kinds of input voltage. You can choose the appropriate model base on your requirement. Antron’s fluorescent ballast are all certified by UL935, we believe you can find a ballast power supply to match your lighting products.

The Function of Antron’s 2D Electronic Ballast

Fluorescent lamp flickering can be improved or eliminated by increasing the current frequency or current waveform. High power, low energy consumption, and low heat generation can reduce circuit load and power consumption. The light is stable and provides better visual resolution. In addition, when the power supply and voltage deviation are large, the constant power of the light source can still be maintained, and the illuminance can be stabilized, which is conducive to energy saving. Fluorescent lamps with high-quality and stable electronic ballasts can provide an excellent lighting environment.

Knowledge of 2D Fluorescent Lamp

Comparison Table Between 2D Lamps And General Lamps

General Lamp 2D Lamp
Luminous Efficiency60 lm/w70 lm/w
Lifespan6000 hrsmore than 8000hrs

Modified Rapid Start

16W – 55W

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