Indoor LED Driver Solution

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Antron Electronics provide various indoor LED driver solution for your indoor lighting application.

Commercial Lighting

In comparison to traditional metal halide lamp or HID lamp, modern LED down light or LED recessed light used in commercial lighting have better performance in luminous efficiency. LED light has lower power consumption and radiant heat that allow the effect of lower lighting temperature. For commercial lighting, we have constant current/ constant voltage LED driver series cooperating with PWM, 0-10V and resistor (3-in-1) dimming feature. It allows you to adjust brightness of your LED fixture to achieve the lighting effect you need for commercial exhibition.

IP65/64/30 protection gives safety and prolongs the lifespan of your LED fixture. Antron LED driver series have product warranty up to 5 years. This warranty will give you better security in LED driver experience.

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Office Lighting

Comparing to traditional T5/T8/T12 fluorescent lamp, modern LED fixtures have been widely incorporated in office lighting. Comfort, uniformity and color rendering property are essential to office lighting. These factors ensure comfortable, healthy working environment, and improve work efficiency without causing fatigue. The most common LED lights for office lighting are 2*2ft and 2*4ft panel light, recessed down light, and ceiling light. Antron junction box/slim/current selectable/dual channel/multi-channel LED driver series are perfect for office lighting fixture. There are 5W to 20W and multiple input voltage like 120-277, 347V, 120-347V and 347-480V for your selection. IP65/64/30 protection gives safety and prolongs the lifespan of your LED fixture. Antron LED drivers have non-flicker feature that give comfort to office work place, releasing pressure and fatigue to the eye.

If you need dimming feature, our LED driver has 3-in-1 dimming function that incorporates PWM, 0-10V and resistor dimming. It gives you freedom to adjust brightness of your working environment. On the other hand, we also have Triac dimming for different dimming solution. It works with 120V input voltage, and we have 10W to 55W input power for your selection. Last but not least, Antron Triac series have 3 years product warranty.

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Warehouse Lighting

The lifespan of LED fixture is essential to warehouse lighting due to the fact that frequent light fixture changing is not ideal for warehouses. The ideal LED light features for warehouse lighting are: lower power consumption and clear uniformity. It gives warehouse workers better vision to identify labels on cargos, reduces occurrence of safety accident and eventually increase the efficiency of corporate values.

Common warehousing lighting fixtures are LED linear, square and UFO high bay light. Linear light and square high bay light work perfectly with our junction box/slim LED driver series. As for UFO high bay light, our UFO high bay series will be just the right fit. For these drivers we have 120-277V input voltage, 100W to 240W input power with 2kV to 6kV surge for your selection. We apply aluminium alloy housing to our UFO high bay series which gives IP67 protection. It provides comfort and safety to its working environment.

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