Fluorescent Light Introduction – PLL

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In this article, we will introduce PLL fluorescent light. With our suggestions, you will find the most suitable fluorescent ballast for your PLL fluorescent light application.

PLL Fluorescent Lamp

Fluorescent Light PLL

The PLL fluorescent lamp is a plug-in fluorescent lamp that is well-known in lighting industry for its cost and energy efficiency. PL-L stands for plug-in lamps in long version. It is an alternative to conventional incandescent lamp. The PLL is a tubular lamp featuring a single ended base that is rated from 18W to 80W. PL bulbs are pin-based, with either two or four pins in variation including G-23, GX23, GX23-2, G24d-1, G24d-2, G24d-3, GX32d-2, G24q-2, G24q-3, GX24q-2, GX24q-3, GX24q-4, 2G8-1, 2G11, GX24q-5, and GX32d-3. It is required to have a pin-based lighting fixture for installation. PLL fluorescent lamp is available in a wide choice of color temperatures from warm to cool white, daylight, and blacklight. PLL lamp also comes as a multi-phosphor product with its own advantages and benefits.

Philips Lighting took fluorescent lamps into their own hands with the development of non-integrated compact fluorescent lamps and marketed it as PL series. PL series lamps are available in various forms of 2-pin or 4-pin bases. There are variations for PL series fluorescent lamps: PLL, PLS, PLT, PLC, PLR, PLH and PLQ. Below are the definitions of PL series plug-in lamps:
PL-S stands for plug-in lamps in short version.
PL-T stands for plug-in lamps with triple compact fluorescent turns (3U).
PL-C stands for plug-in cluster fluorescent lamps.
PL-R stands for radius model (round socket) plug-in lamps.
PL-H stands for high output plug-in lamps.
PL-Q stands for Quadrant (2D) shaped flat lamps.

PLL fluorescent lamps are regularly found in non-residential settings such as office buildings, retail stores, schools, etc. These lamps work remarkably in indoor lighting and many residential as well as commercial sectors. They are also preferable candidate for providing illumination to statues and billboards, where requires lighting that remains effective for long periods of time.

Suitable Antron Ballast: BIAX PL-L Fluorescent Ballast , CFL Fluorescent Ballast