Constant Current LED Driver 200W-240W AM151

Case: AM151  Size: L: 24.1 cm W: 6.6 cm H: 4.05 cm



– Universal input voltage 120-277, 347, 347-480Vac
– PFC, Flicker Free, Isolated design
– 3-in-1 Dimming (PWM, 0-10V, Resistance)
– Dimming down to 10%
– Open/Short/Over-Voltage/Over Temp. protection
– 2kV to 4kV surge protection
– Suitable for UL dry and damp location
– 5 years warranty

Constant Current Series Overview 100W-240W

Model Name Input Voltage Output Power Output Current Output Voltage Efficiency
AC700S100D 120-277Vac 100W 700mA 85-143V 89%
AC2300S100D 120-277Vac 100W 2300mA 26-43V 89%
AC700S150D 120-277Vac 150W 700mA 128-214V 90%
AC4200S150D 120-277Vac 150W 4200mA 22-36V 90%
AC700S200D 120-277Vac 200W 700mA 171-285V 90%
AC4800S200D 120-277Vac 200W 4800mA 25-42V 90%
AC5000S240D 120-277Vac 240W 5000mA 29-48V 90%
3C700S100D 347Vac 100W 700mA 85-143V 89%
3C2300S100D 347Vac 100W 2300mA 26-43V 89%
3C700S150D 347Vac 150W 700mA 128-214V 90%
3C4200S150D 347Vac 150W 4200mA 22-36V 90%
3C700S200D 347Vac 200W 700mA 171-285V 90%
3C4800S200D 347Vac 200W 4800mA 25-42V 90%
3C5000S240D 347Vac 240W 5000mA 29-48V 90%
4C4200S150D 347-480Vac 150W 4200mA 22-36V 90%
4C4800S200D 347-480Vac 200W 4800mA 25-42V 90%

Note: The output current can be customized in factory

Wire Diagram



Output Model Constant Current
Input Voltage 120-277V, 347V, 347-480V
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimming 3 in 1 ( PWM, 1-10V, Resistance)
Dimming 10-100%
Surge Rating 2KV
Warranty 5 Years TC≦75˚C
3 Years 75˚C≦TC≦90˚C


* Only “Made in Taiwan” products can meet TAA compliant.

3C700S200D AM151


3C4800S200D AM151


3C5000S240D AM151


4C4800S200D AM151


AC700S200D AM151


AC4800S200D AM151


AC5000S240D AM151