5W-10W NV CP Emergency LED Driver AM251

Case: AM251  Size: L: 24.1 cm W: 4.3 cm H: 2.95 cm



– Universal input voltage 120-277, 120-347, 347-480Vac
– At least 90 minutes in emergency mode
– Emergency pack is compatible with any AC driver
– High quality LiFePO4 battery inside
– Open/Short/Over-Voltage/Over Temp. protection
– Suitable for UL dry and damp location
– UL listed and CEC title 20 approval
– 5 years warranty

5W-10W Constant Power Emergency LED Driver AM251 Overview

Model Name Input Voltage Output Power Output Current Output Voltage Flexible Conduit Dimension
EMLEDS10-1555-6.4CHPNB 5W 120-277Vac 5W 333-91mA 15-55V None 241*43*29.5mm
EMLEDS10-1555-6.4CHPNB 120-277Vac 10W 670-180mA 15-55V None 241*43*29.5mm
MEMLEDS10-1555-6.4CHPNB 120-347Vac 10W 670-180mA 15-55V None 241*43*29.5mm
4EMLEDS10-1555-6.4CHPNB* 347-480Vac 10W 670-180mA 15-55V None 241*43*29.5mm

*UL Pending

Wire Diagram


Output Model Constant Power
Input Voltage 120-277V, 120-347V, 347-480V
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimming NA
Surge Rating 3KV
Warranty 5 Years TC≦60˚C
3 Years TC≦66˚C


* Only “Made in Taiwan” products can meet TAA compliant.

EMLEDS10-1555-6.4CHPNB 5W AM251


EMLEDS10-1555-6.4CHPNB AM251


MEMLEDS10-1555-6.4CHPNB AM251


4EMLEDS10-1555-6.4CHPNB AM251