10W-14W NV Power Activate Self-Diagnostic Emergency LED Driver Conduit AM209

Case: AM209  Size: L: 30.4 cm W: 4.3 cm H: 3.05 cm
With Flexible Conduit and Plastic Plate



– Universal input voltage 120-277Vac
– At least 90 minutes in emergency mode
– automatically operate a 30 seconds short‐term test each month
– automatically operate a 90 minutes duration test every 12 months
– Open/Short/Over-Voltage/Over Temp. protection
– Suitable for UL dry and damp location
– UL listed and CEC title 20 approval
– 5 years warranty

Power Activate Function

The Power Activate function is created to eliminate the physical battery connector. Traditionally, manufacturer will need to disconnect the physical battery connector to avoid any unwanted energy lose. Now, with the Power Activate function, manufacturer can set the emergency unit to “Sleep Mode” as the last step of assembly process. Once the overall installation is finished on the job site, the emergency unit will automatically activate by AC power, then go to charge mode.

10W-14W Power Activate Self-Diagnostic Emergency LED Driver AM209 Couduit Overview

Model Name Input Voltage Output Power Output Current Output Voltage Flexible Conduit Dimension
SDLEDS10-1555-6.4CHPNBO-FT 120-277Vac 10W 660-180mA 15-55V Double 304*43*30.5mm
SDLEDS14-1555-9.6CHPNBO-FT* 120-277Vac 14W 933-254mA 15-55V Double 304*43*30.5mm
*UL Pending

Wire Diagram


Output Model Constant Power
Input Voltage 120-277V
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimming NA
Surge Rating 3KV
Warranty 5 Years TC≦60˚C
3 Years TC≦66˚C


* Only “Made in Taiwan” products can meet TAA compliant.

SDLEDS10-1555-6.4CHPNBO-FT AM209


SDLEDS14-1555-9.6CHPNBO-FT* AM209