Model Numbering System for Electronic Ballast

Model Numbering System

Electronic fluorescent ballast is what Antron Electronics takes pride in. With more than 30 years of experience, we have been a leading lighting power supply company.

Electronic Ballast

AC Input model

1. Series:

Active Power Factor (Power Correction)

-Series Design

CS: program start+ terminal set and square housing
TS: program start+ lead wire and rectangle housing
ES: program start+ terminal set and rectangle housing, or rapid start+ lead wire

-Parallel Design

EP: instant start+ lead wire

Passive Power Factor (Normal PF)

CS: lead wire and square housing
AN: for 2D lamp, PE material housing

2. Number of Lamp:

S: 1 lamp
D: 2 lamps
T: 3 lamps
Q: 4 lamps
Blank: AN series

3. Input Voltage (VAC) :

1: 120V
2: 220V
3: 347V (Canada)
4: 347-480V
7: 277V
A/UV: 120-277V (North America)
B: 277-347V (Canada)
C: 220-240V (Europe)
J: 100-240V (Japan)
M: 120-347V (North America)

4. Lamp Wattage

5. Lamp Type:

CL: circular lamp

6. Temperature

Blank: temperature tolerance 75℃
S: temperature tolerance 90℃

*For Program start model:
Blank: -20℃ starting temperature
S: -30℃ starting temperature

7. Optional Features

M: AM103 housing
MIC: AM47 housing
BM: bottom mount
NPF: normal power factor
-SD: step-dimming
x2: double PCB
PC: PC material
LS: lead wire outlet for lamp
-E: lamp EOL protection
HO: ballast factor ≥1
LO: ballast factor <0.88

8. Special Lamp Type

UV: UV lamp

DC Input model

1. DC Input Series

2. Lamp Wattage

3. Lamp Type

4. Input Voltage (VDC)

5. Number of Lamp

EB: one lamp
EDB: two lamps

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