What is Power Factor ?

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What is Power Factor (PF)?

PF stands for Power Factor, which refers to the efficiency of power usage. It is the ratio of real power (P, measured in watts) to apparent power (S, measured in volt-amperes VA). The formula for calculating power factor is P/S. The power factor value ranges from 0 to 1, and the ideal Power Factor value is 1. Real power represents the ability of a circuit to do work during a specific time, while apparent power is the product of the effective values of voltage and current. In circuits containing only pure resistive heating elements such as light bulbs, the PF value is 1. However, circuits containing capacitors or inductors such as motors have a PF value that is less than 1. The closer the power factor value is to 1, the higher the efficiency of the circuit, and the less energy waste there is. Therefore, improving the power factor is a common way to increase the efficiency of the circuit and reduce energy costs.

PFC stands for Power Factor Correction, which refers to the correction of power factor. The purpose of power factor correction is to improve the ratio of apparent power (input voltage x input current, VA) to real power (input voltage x input current x Power Factor, W). When the PF is low, there is a large voltage variation and reactive power loss, which can accelerate equipment aging and reduce its service life. Therefore, improving PF is aimed at increasing the efficiency of energy use, for example, reducing electricity bills, reducing line losses, improving voltage stability, etc.

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