Fluorescent Light Introduction – T10, T12

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In this article, we will introduce T10 and T12 fluorescent light. With our suggestions, you will find the most suitable fluorescent ballast for your T10 and T12 fluorescent light application.

T10 Fluorescent Lamp

T10 fluorescent lamps are 10/8 inch (1.25”) in diameter. These lamps offer 20W, 30W or higher wattage such as 40W or 75W, and high lumen. It is an alternative to T12 lamps.
T10 lamps are commonly used for position lighting and indoor lights. They generate greater lumen output than a standard T12 fluorescent lamp, while providing an upgraded color rendering index (CRI). You will even find T10 bulbs that simulate daylight and natural sunshine that are keen to the human eye. These natural light conditions help contribute to reduce eyestrain or fatigue in office environments. Moreover, it is in fact the most common bulb used on any car or truck on the road today.

Suitable Antron Ballast: T10 & T12 Fluorescent Ballast

T12 Fluorescent Lamp

T12 fluorescent tubes are 1 and 1/2 inch (12/8) in diameter. These lamps are bigger, bulkier, and the least expensive. T12 light bulbs are used in a wide range of fluorescent fixtures including troffers and wraparounds. However, they are not the most efficient lamps in general. The shortcoming of these tubes is that they are only suitable for warm weather. They need temperatures to be 60℉/15.56℃ or higher to start and operate properly. If work under temperature lower than 60℉, the light may flutter and is much dimmer while starting up. The color of T12 bulbs tends to be greener, so they are not commonly used in residential applications. Common wattage for T12 fluorescent lamps is standard 40 watts.
Due to tendency towards more energy-efficient lighting, the manufacture and import of most T12 light bulbs was banned in July 2012 by US Department of Energy (DOE). However, some T12 bulbs are exempt from this ban, including cold temperature lamps and bulbs with a CRI of 87 or higher. T12 fluorescent lamps are now less popular as users have chosen smaller and more energy efficient lamps such as T5 and T8. In other words, T12 fluorescent tubes are slowly phasing out.

Suitable Antron Ballast: T10 & T12 Fluorescent Ballast