LED Driver Selection Guideline

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Please follow below LED Driver Selection Guideline. Let’s find the best solution in Antron!

LED Driver

As a professional LED Driver manufacturer, Antron Electronics provides various types of LED drivers to meet different lighting applications.

How to choose the appropriate LED Driver?

Step 1: Confirm LED Luminaire Specification and Your Target Market

First, confirm your LED luminaire type, does it require constant current or constant voltage? What’s the forward current and forward voltage that it requires? Second, confirm your target market for your LED fixture to decide input voltage for the driver. For example, North America requires 120-277V input voltage and Japan requires 120V.

Step 2: Confirm Application and Functions of Your LED Fixture

What’s the working environment for your fixture. Is it indoor, outdoor or industrial use? Secondly, check for the following requirement: LED driver size, IP rating (IP65/67), dimming (0-10V, Resistance or PWM) and certification (ex, UL/cUL).

Step 3: Search on Antron Website

Go to “Product” and click “LED driver”. Once you get in you may look for constant current/constant voltage driver, or other series of LED driver you’re interested in. Then download our specification sheet to confirm electrical characteristic, dimming function, warranty, certification and so on. If you have special requrement for new development please see Step 4.

Step 4: Contact Antron Sales Team for Further Services

Once you find LED driver that might fit your criteria, please go to “Contact Us” section. Fill out your contact information and all your requirements of the LED driver you’re looking for. If you have special development requirements, please fill in what you need and our sales team will contact you at soon as possible.

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